Rebar Detailing Services in the USA

BimZoom provides BIM services for rebar and reinforcement contractors. Our rebar detailing services through 3D BIM modeling facilitates fabricators as well as contractors. Intelligent BIM models of rebar and reinforcement elements address the practical situation during the stages of project inception, design, construction, and operations.

Our rebar design and detailing services match the needs of the rebar fabricators, detailers as well as general and concrete contractors. We ensure every rebar detail to clients so that they can save project time and cost, avoiding rework. As we generate all drawings from the BIM model, we are capable of removing the documentation challenge faced by reinforced concrete detailers. In addition, we provide a bar bending schedule to help keep the job on track. Revit rebar detailing updates our bar bending schedule (BBS) automatically, avoiding human error and saving valuable time.

Types of Rebar Detailing Provide:

  • Foundation Rebar Detailing
  • Wall Rebar Detailing
  • Ceiling Rebar Detailing
  • Beam Rebar Detailing

Rebar Detailing Process:

The quantity, description, placement, bending shapes with measurements, and laps of the reinforcing steel are all specified on the rebar detailing shop drawings that are generated by rebar detailers. In order to develop bar bending schedules, a variety of applications are utilized. These schedules can then be directly input into CNC machines, which then cut and bend the rebar to the necessary forms. We detail BIM rebar detailing drawings using the ACI & CRSI Specifications (United States), ACI & RSIC Specifications (Canada) BS Specifications (United Kingdom). 

Rebar Detailing Process:

Rebar, Steel & Concrete Detailing elements we model through BIM:

  • Pile, foundation, beams 
  • Slab on grade & deck, column 
  • CMU walls, drop panels, concrete curb, lintel, tilt-up panels 
  • Concrete pad, corbel, precast elements 
  • Slab with column rebar model 
  • Underground tunnel 
  • Tower foundation 
  • Equipment pad layout 
  • Raft slab, PT (Post-tensioning) tendons 
  • Studs rails, Shear walls 
  • Flat slab rebar detailing 
  • Concrete Rebar Detailing 

Our BIM Benefits for Rebar, Concrete & Structural Steel Detailing Companies:

3D BIM visualization

Through 3D Visualization, we provide a virtual representation of the whole building structure, ensuring optimized design to reduce changes during construction. 

Seamless coordination & collaboration

Our 3D BIM modeling facilitates seamless collaboration in a virtual environment. 

Designer support

 We validate the accuracy of the 3D BIM model for rebar detailing and check the design consistency to virtually see facilities in real time. 

  • Eliminating rework: BIM helps us eliminate RFIs, work stoppage& rework by checking the accuracy and completeness of drawings before the beginning of on-site construction. 
  • Enhanced quality: We produce accurate rebar detailing shop drawings directly from the 3D BIM rebar model, enhancing quality for prefabrication. 

Complete Control

BIM helps structural steel detailing companies to get complete control over the design & detailing of concrete, steel, and reinforcement.

Cost Optimization

Our pre-construction and prefabrication reviews through BIM structural steel detailing improve the use of manpower, construction quality & reduced rework and wastage, all leading to lower operational costs. 

Efficient Project Management

Comprehensive bar bending schedule and shop drawings with 3D Visualization enable an improved look at the project, facilitating review, scheduling, and project monitoring.

Outsource Rebar Detailing Services in the USA to BimZoom

BimZoom is one of the best rebar detailing companies in the USA. We create and examine virtual representations of the reinforcement model through BIM and produce accurate rebar shop drawings, addressing constructability issues before construction. Using the 3D BIM model, we accomplish an efficient construction process for steel detailing companies in the USA, enabling them to attain higher turnaround and productivity. 


which software is best for Rebar Detailing?

3D rebar detailing software like Tekla, Bluebeam, Rebar CAD, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Revit is used for rebar detailing services. 

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