Building permit expediting without permitting issues is ensured by permit expeditors in construction. Our construction expediting services ensure permits at a faster pace for building projects. We deal in all residential, commercial, hospitality, and federal design-build projects from new construction, remodeling & renovation processes. Our construction building permit management services concentrate on permitting issues, submittal processes, and local building codes. With an in-depth understanding of the building permit expediting process and construction building permit management services, we emphasize local building codes and submittal procedures for obtaining building permits.

We provide various Permit Services

  • Airport Authority Permit
  • Electricity Permit
  • Solar Permit Services
  • Industrial Permit
  • Commercial Permits
  • Fire Department Permit Services
  • Residential Permit
  • Racking System Permit Services
  • Sign Program Permits
  • Retail Permit
  • Water Supply Sewage Permit
  • Restaurant and Hotel Permit

Reasons for Outsourcing Building Permit Services

On-time Delivery
We assure time-efficient permit expeditor services for residential, and commercial project remodeling/renovation approvals. 

Seamless PaperWork
Our permit expediting professionals streamline paperwork for more accuracy and time and cost-efficient results.  

Cost Saving
BimZoom permits experts to have insight knowledge about DCRA Permit Fees, Postcard permits, and project criteria about jurisdiction and thus avoid delays in project approval. 

BimZoom is your Expert Guide for acquiring Commercial Construction Permits

Whether you are an Architect, Builder, Engineer, Designer, or Business owner looking to obtain building approval permits in Maryland & Baltimore, we can meet your needs. Our easy online intake form allows you to get initial information, assess our project and get the process started within 24 hours. 

We provide commercial building permit expediting services for: 

Plumbing Electrical Roofing
Alteration and Repair Permits Multi-Location Remodeling Demolition
White Box Build-Outs Multi-State Expansions Mechanical
Right-of-Way Siding Material Handling Permits
Variances Fit-Outs Office Space Upgrades
New Builds HVAC Crane


Why do we need construction permits?

Building projects are approved by the city or county to perform construction. This authorization for construction ensures compliance with building zone codes for the safety of the building, workers, and environment. 

What are the benefits of hiring a permit expediter for building projects?

BimZoom Permit Advisors have insight knowledge of building departments, handling permitting issues, submittal process, and local building and zoning codes. So, hiring a permit expediting company makes your construction project management a diligent, faster, and efficient process. 

What is postcard permits? When do I need a postcard permit?

DCRA issues online permits for some small construction with a limited scope of work. DC postcard permits are issued for electrical general, electrical heavy-up, gas fitting, mechanical, and plumbing building construction.

BimZoom building permits expeditors to advise architects, engineers, and owners for ensured permit approvals. Our construction expediters play an instrumental role in the revision of design drawings, blueprints, and architectural reviews in accordance with the zoning codes of the county, DCRA. Even though online DCRA building permits paperwork and time become a constraint. So, consult experienced construction permit experts for all construction requirements.

What does a permit expediter do?

Building permit expediters are facilitators having extensive knowledge about jurisdiction, laws of building departments, submittal process, and zoning codes.  Their main responsibility is to manage residential and commercial permitting needs. 


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