CAD Construction Drawing Services

BimZoom is the right place for getting CAD Construction Drawings (CD) Set and Paper to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services. We specialize in various Construction Drawing conversions like 2D to 3D with accurate dimensions. We make design and construction documents from raw schematic design. Our CAD experts focus on final document preparation as per client requirements. While preparing Redrafted Construction Drawing Set, we consider the details of the Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, and Specifications from clients and produce an accurate CD set.

Our 2D Architectural CAD Services Include

  • Building Plan Re-drafting
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • MEP Drawings

Uses for 3D Renders

3D architectural rendering design services are used for the following in the AEC industry: 

  • Marketing: To grab clients for real estate developers, architectural 3D renderings, and architectural animation walkthroughs play a major part.  
  • Virtual Staging: Virtual staging allows us to see how the interior of a building will look after the occupancy so that the clients can make informed decisions about buying the property. 
  • Visualization: 3D architectural visualization and architectural 3D rendering help in the visualization of the project for clients, and architects. 
  • Design enhancement: With the help of visualization, informed decisions can be made by the architects, and improvements can be implemented. 
  • Find Flaws: Helps in finding inconsistencies, and flaws in the architectural design. 

How much does 3D Laser Scanning Cost?

With advancements in technology, the cost of 3D laser scanning for construction has decreased dramatically in recent years. The process does not cost as much as you would imagine. The cost of laser scanning can range from a few hundred dollars for a modest house to thousands of dollars for a large-sized complex project. The cost of 3d laser scanning for construction depends upon some of these factors:  

  • The size of the construction project.  
  • The complexity of the construction project.  
  • Other overhead and miscellaneous costs.

Workflows for project design and construction in the AEC sector have been revolutionized by BIM modeling. Our BIM modeling services offer a full process for managing information that goes along with a project, going beyond merely 3D geometry.

Benefits Of 3D Laser Scanning

Implementing 3D laser scanning of buildings benefits your construction project in a number of ways. Let us see how. 


Cost Efficacy

The 3D laser scanning technique is beneficial when looking at the overall project cost. It plays a vital role in value engineering for construction projects.  

Saves Time

When compared to traditional approaches, 3D laser scanning technology significantly reduces the time required to survey an as-built building. Because the gathered data is highly accurate, turning it to 3D Revit BIM models takes very little time.  

High Level of Accuracy

With 3D laser scanners, a large number of 3D coordinates on a building can be scanned. With exceedingly accurate as-built drawings and models, historical restoration and digital twinning are feasible. 

Reduces Manual Labor

3D mapping and aerial drone surveying eliminate the need for manual labor. Precise automated scans are created in a short period using virtual design and construction techniques.  

Risk Mitigation

Reality capture scans even the most difficult-to-reach sections of a construction site. It reduces worksite risk for surveyors and engineers by scanning nearly inaccessible locations. 

Why choose BimZoom for Architectural 3D Rendering Services?

BimZoom is one of the best architectural visualization studios in the USA. Our architectural visualization artists, along with our talented architectural designers create for you photorealistic renders and animations.

Outsource architectural visualization and 3D rendering services to BimZoom for:

  • Exterior design, interior designing & architecture modeling through the photo-realistic 3D model.
  • 3D modeling of architectural services for commercial & residential buildings.
  • Landscape design and photomontage for landscape architecture.
  • Planning & designing through 3D walkthroughs & animations, with sharp cost reduction.
  • Turning dull presentations into successful pitches with 3DS Max, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.
  • Process-driven approach with 3D modeling through data security & fast turnaround time

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