CAD to BIM Conversion Services

Computer-Aided Designs, popularly known as CAD drawings, are an inevitable part of construction projects. They facilitate effective communication of design concepts and maintain the flow of construction through technical information, on the construction sites. However, CAD designs possess some inefficiencies due to which the construction gets affected. Therefore BIM was introduced in order to enhance construction and eliminate inefficiencies.

CAD to BIM conversion in construction is the procedure that facilitates the conversion of scanned & paper-based construction drawings into a digital format, such as CAD or BIM. Bim Zoom offers pre-eminent CAD to BIM conversion services to AEC professionals, facilitating accurate construction drawings & documentation for building construction.

The CAD to BIM Conversion Services Include:

  • CAD to BIM Conversion Services
  • PDF to BIM Conversion Services
  • Paper to BIM Conversion Services

CAD to BIM Conversion Process:

At BimZoom, our expert BIM professionals execute step-wise CAD to BIM conversion guidelines for accurate results. We follow the process given below for AutoCAD to BIM conversion services: – 

  1. Evaluate and analyze the CAD drawings. 
  2. Import the AutoCAD file into BIM-enabled software such as Revit to convert DWG to BIM.
  3. Convert the CAD document into a comprehensive Building Information Model using the relevant BIM software.
  4. The Building Information Model once created is evaluated thoroughly for errors. 
  5. If the errors are found, they are resolved and the final model is delivered to the client 

Advantages of CAD to BIM Conversion Design Services

  • AutoCAD to BIM conversion design services offers more accurate plans and models through digitization. 
  • It facilitates the conversion of plans into accurate and detailed building information models. 
  • The resolution of converted formats is usually higher. Hence you can visualize the model with better clarity. 
  • BIM models generated through BIM conversion offer enhanced visualization of layered information which could not be seen clearly in 2D plans. 
  • CAD to BIM conversion enables and enhances interoperability between different Building Information Modeling tools. 

Why Choose BimZoom for CAD to BIM Conversion?

BimZoom’s CAD to BIM conversion services are a perfect blend of consistency and quality. BimZoom has a well-equipped infrastructure for converting CAD designs into CAD to BIM models and other required formats such as PDF to BIM, Paper to BIM, and so on. Our professional and experienced CAD to BIM conversion engineers and technical crew deliver top-quality BIM conversion services to clients at competitive rates, facilitating the conversion of construction plan drawings from 2D to 3D. As a pre-eminent BIM company in the USA, we offer several advantages to AEC professionals through our services, which drive people to outsource BIM conversion services from BimZoom. 

BimZoom is one of the best providers of BIM services in Wahington DC, Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia, and all across the USA. Our BIM conversion services for construction professionals will undoubtedly benefit the clients before, during, and after the construction project lifecycle.

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