Façade Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings

BimZoom is one of the best facade shop drawing service providers in the USA. The façade is the envelope of the building that enhances the appearance of the building, along with providing privacy and saving the occupants from exterior environmental factors. Façade shop drawings or façade fabrication drawings help the fabricators and installers with the fabrication and installing a façade in a residential or commercial building. A façade shop drawing shows the material details, dimensions, fabrication details, and installation details. We use the 3D BIM modeling procedure to make shop front drawings. Our team of BIM architects, BIM engineers, and BIM modelers can create shop front drawings for fabricators, which are accurate and cost-effective. We are specialized in providing curtain wall detail drawings, glass facade detail drawings, and shop front detail drawings.

We Provide Facade Shop Drawings and Design for:


  • Curtain Wall Shop Drawings
  • Storefront Shop Drawings
  • Glass Shop Drawings
  • Window Shop Drawings
  • Glazing Shop Drawings
  • Glass Entrances Shop Drawings


Facade Shop Drawings Include:

  • Detailed Floor Plan
  • Elevations, Sections & Details
  • Material specifications
  • Curtail wall detailing
  • ACP detailing
  • Spider glazing detailing
  • QTO, and BOM
  • 3D Layouts
  • Manufacturing & Installation Drawing


Advantages of BIM for Facade Shop Drawings

The benefits of incorporating BIM for façade shop drawings include:

  • Parametric Façade Design: Designing the facade as a set of functional variables or algorithms is made possible by parametric BIM. BIM’s facade algorithms can be modified to create a variety of various building designs.
  • Façade models: 2D drawings converted to 3D models prevent data loss. It connects facade design data to CNC machine equipment for manufacturing. BIM facade models increase building quality and save material waste.
  • Virtual Assembly: BIM creates facade panel manufacture, transportation, installation, and sequence information. The data assists with virtual facade panel assembly, which improves construction planning, installation sequencing, and quality.

Outsource Facade Shop Drawings in the USA to BimZoom

BimZoom is one of the best design-build firms in the USA, incorporating BIM technology to provide Facade shop drawings and details. Outsource façade shop drawings in the USA to BimZoom for: 

  • The creation of BIM models and Façade shop drawings and specifications for façade designs in collaboration with architectural firms 
  • Providing architectural and structural glazing details in addition to curtain wall details 
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the facade with regard to  daylight, and thermal analysis 


How much does Facade Shop Drawing Cost?

The cost of Façade shop drawings and submittals depends upon the complexity and size of the façade. To get a free quote about designing the façade of your building, get in touch with us. 

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