BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

Design-build firms are adopting BIM technology for faster design development, improved visualization, greater sustainability, and construction cost reduction. BIM Execution Plan (BEP) defines the objective of implementing Building Information Modeling in construction. Through BEP, BimZoom shows how the constructed model would be applied, explaining the processes and techniques of information exchange. BEP includes information on project infrastructure, involving the techniques of 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation, and 6D facilities management. An effective BIM Execution Plan delivers value to project stakeholders, documented in EIR (Employer Information Requirement). BEP designed by the BIM consultants of BimZoom perfectly matches the project goals, aligning with the capabilities of team members.

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BimZoom’s BEP Work Process

  • Acquiring the Right Software for Improved Functionality – We select the right software package for BIM implementation through testing various software packages.
  • Ensuring an Expert in Lead Position – Our professionals provide an Expert in the Lead Position after obtaining the right software package. We choose the right project manager for companies and conduct a BIM training program.
  • Crafting a Well-Defined BIM Execution Plan – We integrate BIM into the prevailing system of an organization by carefully planning the transition.
  • Forming In-House Standards & Strategies – Standardization, along with interoperability, is one of the biggest challenges of BIM. We prevent such issues by developing in-house standards and strategies for governing BIM operations.

Benefits of BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

  • Improves project, understanding the responsibilities for goal accomplishment
  • Designs customized implementation with team workflow
  • Acts as a guide to new project participants, stating the routines, practices & strategies
  • Provides an excellent foundation for planning, training course & upgrade of competences
  • Makes it easy to assess the hardware or software to purchase implementation
  • Helps to reduce uncertainties, eliminating the risks for project stakeholders

Why BimZoom for BIM Execution Plan?

Choose BimZoom.’s BIM Execution Plan services for: 

  • Improving construction projects, comprehending accountabilities for goal accomplishment. 
  • Designing customized implementation with team workflow. 
  • Obtaining a guide to project participants, stating the practices & strategies. 
  • Getting an excellent foundation for planning, training, and competency upgrade. 
  • Making it easy to evaluate hardware or software applications for BIM implementation. 
  • Reducing uncertainties, and eliminating risks for project stakeholders. 

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