3D BIM Modeling Services

BimZoom’s experienced Autodesk Revit 3D BIM Modeling Services facilitate Architectural, Structural, and MEPFP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection), Facade consultancy services. Our experienced strategic construction and accurate BIM Execution Plan have facilitated contractors, architects, consultants, and engineers with clash-free 3D BIM models as per Cobie standards.

Reliable, cost-effective design build services are ensured by leveraging BIM Implementation through Autodesk Revit, Tekla, Fabmep, and Dynamo scrip in design management. 

Augmented profitability has been reflected in our residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use building, and healthcare facilities projects with the adoption of the latest BIM processes and workflow. 

Our Revit 3D Modeling Services across the USA

BIM Content Creation
  • Architectural BIM Modeling
  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • MEP BIM Modeling 
  • Façade BIM Modeling


Our Deliverables Include

  1. Conversion of 2D AutoCAD to Revit 3D BIM Model.
  2. Clash Detection and Resolution
  3. Scan To CAD | Scan To BIM Modeling
  4. 3D Coordinated model with LOD 100 to 500
  5. Constructability Review.

BIM 3D Modeling Level of Detailing(LOD)

We are a highly capable BIM Modeling Service Provider delivering customized BIM models. Our BIM output contains data and fabrication level of details  as per client requirements: 

  1. LOD 100 BIM Model  : Conceptual model 
  2. LOD 200 BIM Model: Model with approximate geometry 
  3. LOD 300 BIM Model: Model with precise geometry 
  4. LOD 350 BIM Model: Precise geometry model with the connection between different disciples 
  5. LOD 400 BIM Model: Coordination, Fabrication, Scheduling, and Shop Drawing development 
  6. LOD 500 BIM Model: As-built model

Benefits of 3d BIM Modeling Services Building

  • Coordinated & clash-free virtual 3D BIM modeling to analyze building designs. 
  • Comprehending buildings during pre-construction through conceptual & detailed designing. 
  • 4D simulation of structured building planning & visualization in respect of time. 
  • BIM quantity takeoff/5D cost estimation for swift material procurement. 
  • 6D BIM modeling for sustainability & facility operations & management. 
  • As-Built 3D BIM modeling for obtaining virtual tour of building infrastructure. 

Why choose BimZoom for BIM Modeling Services?

  • Flawless designing of images, sketches, concepts, and shop drawings through 3D BIM Modeling. 
  • Improved Interior and Exterior work through 3D Architectural Visualization adopting 3d BIM modeling software like Revit and V Ray. 
  • Photorealistic renderings through 3ds Max. 
  • Applying colors, images, and textures along with carving and texturing details. 
  • Timely project delivery conforming to regional and international design standards. 
  • Dedicated resources Offshore/Onshore for BIM. 
  • Technology infrastructure with authorizations of the leading software and local building standards. 
  • Photoshop was adopted for full-scale 3D rendering. 
  • Optimized solutions for every construction project. 
  • Strict confidentiality of design and client privacy. 


What is the cost of 3D BIM Modeling?

The price of developing a 3D BIM model is determined by a number of criteria, such as the size and complexity of the building, in addition to the level of detail (LOD) that is required. Therefore, it will be difficult to provide a quotation prior to having a conversation regarding the project.

What is the difference between 3D CAD Modeling and BIM?

3D CAD Modeling is a process that is used mainly for designing a 3D model of a building. But it is not an interoperable and intelligent model like a BIM model. And it is not as easy to use for building construction and operation as a BIM model.

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