Architectural CAD Drafting Services

BimZoom provides Architectural CAD Drafting Services for residential architecture and commercial architecture buildings. We help architecture firms and construction companies with cost-effective and detailed architectural drafting services. Our CAD architects are experienced in creating building designs that are aesthetic, functional, and within your budget.  BimZoom is one of the leading real estate CAD drafting service providers in the USA providing both residential CAD drafting services, and commercial CAD drafting services. Our experienced CAD architects provide innovative design solutions for your architecture design requirements.

Our Architectural Designs and CAD Drafting Services include:

  • 2D Floor Plan Drawings
  • Sections Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Site Plan Drawings
  • Roof Plan Drawings
  • Furniture Plans

Architectural CAD Drafting Process

At BimZoom, our expert CAD architects, CAD engineers, interior designers, and CAD drafters execute step-wise architectural CAD drafting guidelines for accurate architectural CAD drawings. We follow the process given below for architectural drafting services: 

  1. A brief about the space requirements, size, and budget are created by our architects after consulting with the client. 
  2. The architectural design is created in AutoCAD software. 
  3. Dimensions and material specifications are added. 
  4. The architectural CAD drawings are reviewed for errors. 
  5. The final architectural CAD drawing is delivered to the client, after resolving the errors. 

What is the cost of Architectural CAD drafting services?

The cost of architectural CAD drafting services is determined by several factors, including the size and complexity of the project. CAD drafting services typically cost an average of between $100 and $120 per hour. While complex projects are more expensive.

Benefits of Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Benefits of Architectural Designs and CAD Drafting Services include: 

  • Efficient space utilization and design by expert architects.
  • Provides architectural design services compliant with local building codes and zoning.
  • Architectural CAD drawings are easy to edit.
  • Architectural drawings can be drawn to scale and are accurate.

Why outsource CAD Drafting Services to BimZoom?

Outsource architectural designs and CAD drafting services to BimZoom for: 

  • Architectural 2D drafting and detailing services at a low cost and with a quick turnaround time 
  • Experienced and professional CAD architects 
  • Provides completed CAD drawings in .dwg file, .dws, .dwt, and .dxf formats 
  • Save your time with our fast Architectural CAD drafting services 

BimZoom is one of the best architectural CAD drafting companies in the USA providing residential CAD drafting services, commercial CAD drafting services, and architectural 3D modeling services. Our architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape architects, interior designers, and CAD drafters work together to provide you with cost-effective, and innovative architectural design solutions.

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