MEP Coordination Services

The BIM coordination process is essential to the design of a building. Engineers from mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection disciplines collaborate on 3D models of the structure to create an integrated digital representation of it. This process is known as MEP coordination. Clash detection and resolution follow the MEP coordination process in MEP BIM in order to create a clash-free building information model. The virtual models from MEPF disciplines no longer collide; thanks to MEP coordination services, which eliminate interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary collisions. For a more efficient and cost-effective construction, the MEP BIM coordination process is essential to ensure that the intended model is as accurate as possible. Being a top MEP coordination service provider, we deliver quality-assured Coordination services for MEP systems.

Our MEP Coordination Services Include

  • Mechanical / HVAC Coordination
  • Electrical Coordination
  • Plumbing Coordination
  • Fire Protection Coordination
  • Shop Drawings
  • MEP Clash Detection


BimZoom MEP / HVAC Coordination Process

Design-build construction relies heavily on the MEP coordination process. It ensures the model’s accuracy, allowing for a more efficient construction procedure. Every company has its method of MEP BIM coordination. BimZoom uses the standard MEPF coordination approach outlined below.

  • Plans and drawings are thoroughly reviewed.
  • A 3D model of the structure is developed using the acquired data.
  • Clash detection is performed on the model and the collisions are resolved.
  • MEP Coordinated drawings and produced.
  • Comprehensive service drawings, along with spool drawings, fabrication drawings, and hangar drawings are developed.
  • Required modifications are done in the design model, for delivering a fully coordinated MEP BIM 3D model.

How We Can Help You As A MEP Coordination Service Provider?

We are one of the top MEP coordination service providers across the USA. AEC firms can benefit from a variety of BimZoom’s MEP coordinating services. Benefits of the MEP Coordination process include: 

  • Ensuring no collisions among the BIM models.
  • Eliminating rework and frequent updating of the digital replica. 
  • Providing a streamlined workflow for the installation of MEP components.
  • Assuring time and cost-effectiveness with a quality-assured MEP coordination process.
  • Providing a sharpened view of the MEP components involved in the project.
  • Our experience and expertise in MEP Coordination services and as the finest MEP coordination service provider.

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