CAD Digitization & Conversion

CAD digitization or CAD conversion is a process in which existing manual architectural drawings such as paper, images, or PDF drawings are converted to CAD drawings. We work on CAD conversion projects for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services of a building of various sizes and complexity to create accurate CAD drawings. Our CAD drafters are skilled at converting scan-based data to usable and editable CAD designs.

We offer the following CAD Conversion Services

  • Paper to CAD
  • Image to CAD
  • PDF to CAD

CAD to BIM Conversion Process

At BimZoom, our expert BIM professionals execute step-wise CAD to BIM conversion guidelines for accurate results. We follow the process given below for AutoCAD to BIM conversion services: – 

  1. Evaluate and analyze the CAD drawings 
  2. Import the AutoCAD file into a BIM-enabled software such as Revit to convert DWG to BIM 
  3. Convert the CAD document into a comprehensive Building Information Model using the relevant BIM software  
  4. The Building Information Model once created is evaluated thoroughly for errors 
  5. If the errors are found, they are resolved and the final model is delivered to the client 

Benefits of CAD Conversion Services

  1. Helps in creating usable and editable CAD drawings in DXF, DGN, or DWG formats. 
  2. CAD files can be used for renovation and remodeling.
  3. Aids in the interpretation of missing dimensions without compromising accuracy. 
  4. Helps in separating different layers of dimension, wall, furniture, landscape, etc. 
  5. We can make digital file modifications quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Outsource CAD Conversion Services to BimZoom?

Choose BimZoom for CAD digitization services for: 

  • 100% accurate CAD digitization 
  • Provides high resolution and editable CAD drawing files 
  • Service of professional architects, MEP engineers, and drafting professionals 

BimZoom is one of the best CAD digitization companies in the USA providing CAD digitization services from paper, image, and PDF. For CAD conversion services in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, and all across the USA.

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