5D BIM – Construction Cost Estimation

5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction facilitates cost management for the entire project life cycle. Engineers, architects, contractors, builders, or construction companies are assisted with 5D BIM modeling solutions in the preconstruction stage by quantity surveyors or cost estimators. BIM Engineers make Conceptual Modeling and Cost Planning by adopting the best 5D software solution to generate cost and material estimates, with the help of a 5D BIM quantity surveyor.

Our Building Information Modeling services experts provide 3D BIM Model, BOQ/Quantity Take Off, Cost Estimation, Tendering, and 4D BIM Scheduling & Simulation, Facility Management, and Risk Management along with 5D BIM Cost Estimation services for streamlined building design, construction, and operation.

5D BIM Provides Accurate Cost Estimates and Quantity Take-offs Include

  • Cost Estimation
  • Real-Time Cost Adjustment
  • 4D BIM Services
  • Real-Time Cost Adjustment
  • Quality Construction Documents
  • Precise Bid Estimates


5D BIM Process:

5D BIM workflow helps in the streamlined 5D modeling and cost estimation. For the 5D BIM cost estimation process, the following steps have to be followed. 

  1. Create the 3D BIM model of the project 
  2. Convert it into a 4D BIM model by adding scheduling information 
  3. By automating the quantification of building elements with unit price, quantity surveyors or cost engineers will input information for cost estimation into the 3D model. 
  4. Project components, costs, and schedules will be displayed using VDC (Virtual Design and Construction). 

Benefits of 5D BIM Estimation Services

5D BIM advantages are manifold in the building construction process. Following are the 5D modeling and cost estimation and cost estimation benefits:  

  • Accuracy: Accurate 5D BIM cost estimation & forecasting through quantity take off & material procurement. 
  • Risk Visualization: Risk visualization at an early stage, improving design decisions with 5D BIM Modeling. 
  • Automated BOQ Extraction: Developing budget & linking to costs with the BIM model, enabling automated BOQ extraction. 
  • Collaboration: Improved collaboration amongst project stakeholders with 5D modeling. 
  • Financial Risk Assessment: Detailed BOQ extracting, facilitating financial risk assessment & price model generation. 
  • Decision Making: Faster decision-making with 5D BIM, boosting the speed of project completion. 

Why outsource 5D BIM services to BimZoom?

5D BIM, defined as the cost element of Building Information Modeling, focuses on precise cost estimation and Quantity Take Off for accurate construction planning. The building information model simulation for 5D represents the cost incurred and material utilized as the construction cycle moves forward. BimZoom provides 5D BIM models that allow various AEC professionals to visualize the progress of construction activities and their associated costs over time, with the help of 5D BIM cost estimating software. Through comprehensive 5D BIM modeling for construction, we ensure accurate representation of cost and materials utilized at every stage of construction for a detailed insight. Project cost management with 5D BIM helps project managers to plan the finance for construction projects effectively. 



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How a quantity surveyor can utilize 5D BIM?

Quantity surveyors can use 5D BIM as a decision-making tool in the early stages of a project since the 5D BIM can quickly extract approximated quantities from different 3D BIM models and then add the 4D schedule to conclude the 5D cost budget in 5D BIM in a consulting quantity surveying environment. 

How much does implementing 5D BIM Cost Estimation Cost?

The cost of 5D BIM implementation in your building project depends upon the size and complexity of the project. To get a quote for your 5D BIM project, get in touch with us.

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